Rockin’ Robyn’s is independently owned by Chef Robyn Lockhart.  Robyn has previously worked as a chef in numerous Edmonton venues, including Sorrentino’s, the Westin Hotel Edmonton, Four Rooms, Casino Yellowhead and many others.  Her many years in the business give her much experience to draw on, to make Rockin’ Robyn’s a truly unique place in Edmonton. The main thing that Robyn attempts to achieve at Rockin’ Robyn’s is a sense of “Cheers without the beers”.  We love seeing our regular customers, and new faces alike, and making the experience a friendly and homey one.  A fifties themed diner with vinyl booths and stools at the counter, just seemed like a natural place to create.   We take great pride in our fresh and homemade pies, soups, hashbrowns and hand cut French fries.  Everything we love here is made in house : from our beef chili, to our dinner buns and cinnamon buns.  Sometimes she even makes cheese buns too!  Our Thursday special - Fried Chicken - is made right here, in house, as well as the fish and chips.  She even makes the tartar and coleslaw dressing herself! Saturdays and Sundays, she attempts to get a bit creative with her breakfast specials too.  Caramel banana pancakes, cinnamon raisin French toast, tasty breakfast wraps, you name it! It’s different every weekend, but if it doesn’t suit you, there is always something on the menu that will. Please come by to try what delicious new creations Robyn has put together for you!



Breakfast menu

Lunch menu



Daily Special

Soup: Soup of the day (changes all the time please inquire)

Daily Special: See Below


Weekly Specials


The Knuckle Sandwich - soup and sandwich of the day, and you'll                        $11.00 ea

love it or else!




Diner Special Burger                                                                                      $11.00 ea


Beef Tacos (3) with Salsa, Sour cream, Shredded cheddar, Lettuce                       $11.00 ea

and Chopped tomatoes


Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy                                                                        $11.00 ea

**Mashed Potatoes, and Vegetables


Waffles **Flavours change weekly**                                                                 $11.00 ea


Waffles **Flavours change weekly**                                                                 $11.00 ea




TEL: 780-756-5656

16604 - 109 ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T5P 1C2
As of March 18, 2020 Closed for approximately 2 weeks in response to COVID-19 and our attempt to help our customers, staff, families and friends make it through this troubled time.
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